SmartPath 1959-1963

Investment overview

This option is designed for members born between 1 January 1959 and 31 December 1963 and is invested mainly in growth assets.

Investment objectives

Return: Over rolling ten-year periods, having a 60% probability of achieving a member investment return after fees and taxes equivalent to CPI + 4% p.a.

Risk: The estimated chance that negative returns will occur in any financial year is less than 1 in 5.

Standard Risk Measure

Risk band: 5

Risk label: Medium to High

Estimated number of negative annual returns over any 20-year period: 3 to less than 4.

Recommended minimum investment timeframe

Medium to long (minimum 7+ years)

Investment strategy

Strategic asset allocation and long-term range as at 1 October 2016

Growth vs Defensive split

This investment option commenced 1 February 2015 and therefore past performance is not available prior to that. Performance information for SmartPath options that had funds invested at 30 June 2016 is available on the SmartPath product summary page.